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The Challenge The Infinite Life Fitness Group wanted to launch a new brand with plans of going national over the next 5 years, to provide fitness solutions for customers from 8-80 years which would motivate, educate and empower them to reinvent themselves in body, mind and spirit and develop a truly healthy way of life.


The initial concept

The new Brand needed to establish its unique proposition amongst the inundated fitness market with both global and premium local brands foraying into a variety of fitness solutions and experiences, and drive the business intent of truly customising holistic lifestyle programmes for its diverse gamut of customers


Our Solution

The need for both external motivation and self-goals in order to actively and continuously participate in fitness programmes emerged as the key insight from the user/ customer and market study. This insight translated into the brand's mandate of providing customers with inspiration and fulfillment throughout their journey of interaction with the brand.

Brand Strategy

The Brand strategy outlined internal values and action areas to ensure consistent brand behaviour for delivering this mandate, as well as articulated the intangibles which formed the basis of a differentiated brand image and experience to attain lasting customer relationships. The strategy also helped identify Happiness as the universal emotion binding health, inspiration and fulfillment.


Our Solution

A memorable positioning line 'Workout Happiness' was crafted to bring aspirational value and at the same time communicate the brand's core benefit. The strategy also guided the eventual segmentation of the offerings across specific audiences and environments. Innovative communication elements and warm, interactive gymnasium spaces were created to bring the desired contemporary, joyous and stylish image of the Brand alive.


Our Solution

The name 'Urbounce' was coined to convey the gymnasium chain's promise as The Ultimate Fitness Destination that helps attain Boundless Happiness, while the Urbounce identity was designed to ‘Connect you to the new you’; a stimulating reflection of the bridge to a healthier and happier life for each individual. The playful character of the both the name and identity intended to embody the Brand's passion to influence and motivate customers, enabling them to achieve amazing fitness goals through fun and enjoyment.



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Solution Elements

Signage and Way finding to guide visitors and customers while establishing Brand visibility and consistency for high recall


The Outcome

Urbounce's Brand had been successful in bringing together the Brand intent, projected market position, relationship with all stakeholders and guiding future business growth. A cohesive Brand thinking and image resonating with latent customer needs has provided a firm foundation for building the brand's awareness, engagement and recall with a unified intention and for significant impact. Urbounce continues to gain popularity with customers from various walks of life through the inspiring brand experience it provides.


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